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Organizational Development

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Organizational Development (OD) is a planned process of developing our organization, including our leadership, to be more effective in accomplishing desired goals that align to the College’s strategic initiatives and competencies.

OD is the framework for creating change, enhancing the culture, and increasing the effectiveness of processes by using planned but innovative interventions and methodologies.

Through Organizational Development, the Organizational and Talent Development (OTD) Team seeks to:

  • Provide opportunities for employees to contribute to the goals and mission of the College by using their unique strengths.
  • Create new work processes that allow employees to focus on tasks that contribute to the goals, mission, and priorities of the College.
  • Create a work environment that is stimulating, challenging, and allows for innovation and creativity.


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Rosalyn Parker, Manager, Organizational Development
281 998-6377

Organizational Development services include:

Change management is an approach to transitioning individuals, teams and organizations from a current state to a desired future state. It is an organizational process aimed at helping our employees and teams accept and embrace changes in their work environment.

Process mapping is a technique where a certain process or workflow in your work area is converted into a visual, step-by-step diagram. Process mapping is used to better understand your existing process and to help develop a more effective one and improve work results.

Our OTD team is experienced in using a variety of assessments that give individuals and teams insights into their culture, work environment, relationships, communication styles, conflict styles, and thinking preferences. We will discuss your needs and objectives and help you pick the right assessment to achieve your goals.

Organizational Wellness Instrument (OWI) is a survey tool that all full-time employees and faculty complete. This online assessment instrument was developed by Dr. Kobus Neethling and assesses 10 dimensions which are critical to the success of the College. These 10 dimensions indicate the “wellness” of our organization and determine this by assessing how the work environment either contributes to or takes away from creating a supportive and productive environment.

Organizational Wellness Inventory Interpretation