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Onboarding Resources

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Leaders play a critical role in shaping the onboarding experience for new employees. The SJCD Onboarding toolkit outlines a step by step process for welcoming new employees that is simple and easy to follow.

Each of the links below provides you access to various tools, checklists and communication templates (welcome letters/announcements) that can be used to help new employees throughout their onboarding journey:

Onboarding Guiding Principles
Onboarding Tool Kit

New Employee Checklist
Let's Talk! Tool

EdTech Technology Resources Orientation for Employees

Network Access Form

All new full-time employees will have the opportunity to attend an orientation session where they will meet district leaders and learn more about the college mission, vision and values. Upcoming dates for orientation can be found in Cornerstone

  • New full-time staff and administrators are required to attend SJConnections within their first 30 days. For more information about SJConnections, please contact


  • New full-time faculty members will attend New Faculty Academy (NFA) during their first semester. For more information about NFA, please contact


  • Part time faculty and staff are not required to attend a face-to-face orientation session. However, part-time faculty are required to complete an online part-time faculty orientation in Cornerstone. For questions regarding part-time faculty training requirements, contact


  • Leaders of part-time staff should contact the career services office at their campus or Human Resources for additional guidelines for part time employees.


All employees must complete required online training within 30 days. New hire curricula can be accessed through the Cornerstone learning catalog.

Full-Time Employees:
ESHR 4001 - Active Shooter Response (Web-Based)*
SANS curricula (Web-Based) - (ITST 1102, ITST 1103, and ITST 1104)
FERP 1001 - FERPA Training (Web-Based)
ESHR 4002 - Campus Carry (Web-Based)

All Employees:
HREM 2005 or HREM 2010 - Preventing Discrimination & Sexual Violence (Web-Based)*
HREM 3002 - San Jacinto College Policies and Procedures (Web-Based)
HREM 2003, HREM 2004, HREM 2007, HREM 2008, or HREM 2009 - Unlawful Harassment Prevention (Web-Based)*

HREM 3001 - Affirmative Action Plan Training for Hiring Leader
ITST 1204 - SANS: Securing the Human - Leadership (Web-Based)

* Annually
(Updated 3/1/2018)