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Steps to Enroll

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So, you’re ready to get started at San Jac. That’s terrific! There are a few steps you'll need to take in the admissions process, which we’ve outlined for you here. We’ll help you work your way through this short list, and in no time you’ll be attending classes and pursuing your goals.

Steps to Enrollment

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Apply: Visit and click Apply Now to complete your application 

Shot Record: A meningitis vaccination or booster is required if you are younger than 22. Visit
for information.

Transcripts: Send official high school and/or other college/university transcripts.

Placement Test: Visit to see a list of testing exemptions and learn about exams you may be required to take.

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Apply for Financial Aid:
Complete the FAFSA at
Our FAFSA code is 003609.

Apply for Scholarships:
Visit to search for available scholarships.



Be Advised: Speak with an advisor regarding programs, courses and careers.

SOS and Orientation:
Visit to claim your student account and sign-up for orientation.

Register: Register for classes in your SOS account.

Pay for Classes: You can pay your tuition and fees online or in person at any of our campus business offices. Installment payment plans (IPP) are also available in SOS under the Student Account Suite or at any campus business office.



Textbooks: Visit the bookstore to purchase or rent your textbooks.

ID Cards*: ID cards can be obtained from any campus admissions office.

*Available 24 hours after tuition payment

Email*: Visit to set up your email account.

Parking Permits: Parking permits are available at any campus business office with a San Jac ID card and ID number (G#).



Veteran Students: Visit your campus veteran center or to learn about veteran benefits.

International Students: Visit the South Campus to speak with an international advisor or visit

Student Success Centers: Visit your campus student success center for tutoring services in Math, English, Sciences and much more

Accessibility Services: Visit your campus educational planning, counseling & completion office or to learn about services available to you.

Career Services: Visit your campus career services office or to learn about resources available to you.