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Transferring to San Jacinto College


Students may be admitted by transfer from another regionally accredited college or university.  A transfer student must submit an official transcript from each college or university previously attended.

A student who holds a degree (associate, bachelor's, master's or doctoral may submit only an official transcript from the school that awarded the highest degree and an official transcript with any course work taken after the degree was received.  However, if students are applying for financial aid, they must submit all official transcripts.  If students are using course work to satisfy the course prerequisites, they must submit official transcripts to document all course work.

Submit official transcripts no older than 60 days via mail to:  San Jacinto College, Records Management at 13735 Beamer Road, Houston, TX 77089

Transfer Academic Status

A student's academic status during the most recent term of enrollment at another college or university determines the academic status under which the student is admitted. 

  • A student in good standing at the previous school will be admitted in good standing. 
  • A student on academic probation at another institution will be admitted on academic probation and should see the Academic Probation and Suspension Table. 
  • A student on academic suspension whose suspension period is over may be admitted on academic probation and should see the Re-enrollment After Suspension section of the catalog.
  • A transfer student who is admitted on academic probation must earn at least a 2.0 grade point average to achieve an academic status of good standing. 

Students are responsible for knowing if their academic status entitles them to admission.  Students who are not eligible to enroll but succeed in enrolling anyway will be withdrawn and have to forfeit all tuition and fees.

Mandatory Advising for New Transfer Students

Students with less than 12 credit hours will be required to meet with an Admissions Advisor before registering for classes, attend New Student Orientation, and complete a student success course.