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Employee Grants

Employee Grants
Student Success Initiatives Grants are funded by San Jacinto College Foundation and awarded to faculty and staff for innovative projects that support student success.

To better meet your needs, applications are accepted and awarded twice annually for the fall and spring semesters. 

Application Deadline Awards Announced By Matching Funds Authorization Funds Available
Fall - June 30 July 30 September 1(approx.) September 1 (approx.)
Spring - October 30 November 30 January 15 (approx.) January 15 (approx.)


Student Success Initiatives

The San Jacinto College and San Jacinto College Foundation provides (SSI) Student Success Initiative Grants to assist employees at each of the colleges in the development and implementation of exemplary projects. The SSI Grant program seeks to finance projects not funded through the regular budgetary process. However, it is an opportunity to provide funds to assist in innovative projects for student success. Funding request should range from $200 to $5,000 and use of matching funds is strongly encouraged. Funds need to be spent within one year of award date or they will be returned to the general fund.  

Please note that all approved projects must clearly and specifically designate how the success of the program will be measured.

To apply visit to complete the online application. 

An eligible project should address one or more of the San Jacinto College Strategic Plan Student Goals listed below:

  • Strategy 1: Establish a holistic pathways model to enhance student success at San Jacinto College.

  • Strategy 2: Ensure a supportive and rigorous teaching and learning environment from the classroom experience to an effective array of student support services, including personalized academic and career pathway planning.  

  • Strategy 3: Align courses and curricula that delineate clear pathways for university transfer and/or entry into the workforce.

  • Strategy 4: Eliminate barriers that prevent students from achieving their educational and career goals.

  • Strategy 5: Reduce student time and cost from entry to completion.

Grant Guidelines

  • All applications must be submitted online.

  • Only one proposal per applicant will be considered each application period.

  • Full-time faculty & staff and adjunct faculty members are eligible to apply for Student Success Initiative (SSI) grants. 

  • Incomplete applications will not be considered.

  • All SSI Grant recipients are required to attend a budget meeting prior to implementation of their mini-grants

  • Application approval channel: All proposals should be reviewed and verbally approved by department chair or supervisor before securing final written approval. All proposals require appropriate SLT member approval. Proposals involving IT equipment or software must be approved by the CIO before seeking required SLT member approval. All projects involving facilities modification must be approved by the Vice Chancellor of Facilities before seeking required SLT member approval. 

  • Contact the foundation office for information and/or to discuss project details. 

Grant Stipulations

  • Preference is given to new innovative projects rather than repeat projects.

  • Preference is given to purchases made from approved San Jacinto College vendors. Any funds requested from outside vendors will be examined on a case by case basis. Detailed budgeting is required. 

  • Salary compensation for faculty, staff and students is not eligible for funding.  

  • Trip and lodging expense for faculty and staff is not eligible for funding.

  • Meal and food request are considered on a case by case basis.

  • Field trips and speaker fee & lodging requests will be considered on a case by case basis. 

  • Fundraising, donation request and sponsorships are highly encourged and must be coordinated through the San Jacinto College Foundaiton office.   

Review Process
  • The San Jacinto College Foundation board selection committee reviews and approves all applications to ensure strict adherence to guidelines and San Jacinto College Strategic Plan Student Goals. 

  • For consideration, each student success initiative grant proposal must adhere to the stated purpose and objectives as indicated. 

  • Each project must describe a measurable result that will support one or more San Jacinto College strategic goals. 

  • Application selection is based on the quality of the proposal established by the committee. 

  • Once an application is approved by the selection committee, the application will be reviewed to ensure all procurement policies and rules are followed before the grant funds will be disbursed. 

Project Final Report

  • All grants received require a project evaluation and final report.  This is an opportunity to share with the San Jacinto College Foundation Board of Directors your story and success. 

  • A report must be completed within two months from the date of the project's completion. Early submissions are welcomed. 

  • Reports should address student measurable learning outcomes which support student success. You can include the process and implementation of your project, successes and challenges, and your overall outcome. Be sure to focus on the impact of your students. 

  • Reports should be 2-3 pages in length and photos, videos, PowerPoint Presentation, surveys, and examples are encouraged.